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Upcycle your Economy experience: 7 tips for feeling comfortable on planes

Taking probiotics is a great way to avoid tummy troubles caused by eating different food and drinking local water on holiday.  UnBEElievable Health’s Daily Defence Immune Support vitamins (£7.99, from £9.99, planetorganic.com ) are also recommended to help keep cabin colds at bay and fight jet lag. If you are flying long haul, compression socks are essential. You can pick up a pair in most airport chemists. Make sure you keep moving around the cabin during the flight and stay hydrated. It’s best to avoid alcohol and save your holiday tipples for your destination. Earplugs are a lifesaver when travelling, cutting out all those screaming babies and engine noises. Use them in combination with an eye mask and you’ll find it much easier to doze off – even in an upright economy seat. If you are flying overnight, pack a pair of pyjamas (or comfy night clothes) and prepare yourself for “bed”. The ritual of changing clothes, cleaning teeth and switching off might help you sleep better.

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