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Pawn search queries found that Board made more than 60 transactions involving products in Manatee County and 18 pawns in Sarasota County, court documents said. The products were identified through unique brand names, packaging and serial numbers. Board signed the "Florida Pawnbroker Transaction Form" which states that the property is not stolen and that he is the rightful owner of the stolen property, defrauding the pawnbroker, court documents said. Board gave the pawn dealer his driver's license as identification and submitted a right thumb print on the transaction forms. Nilson said Board's actions never struck managers as "strange or suspicious."  The employee who had been part of the company for about two years was something of a loner, Nilson said, and did not fly drones himself. Most of the workers at the shop are friends, according to the owner, and hung out together during their personal time, but Board would sometimes take two hour lunches and was often late for work. His managers offered him leniency, however, because he always completed his work and Nilson said he often talked about driving his daughter around. "One day he didn’t come back from lunch," Nilson said. "We had no suspicion of him being engaged in illicit activities at that time. His boss called him and sent him text messages. He just decided not to show up." Board was arrested March 1 and a judge set bonds totaling $440,000.

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