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Alec Wallach Courtesy of Judy Schindler i Order Reprint of this Story CHARLOTTE, NC Rabbi Judy Schindler and others are encouraging non-Muslim women to show their solidarity with Muslim women on Wednesday by donning hijabs, or head scarves, for World Hijab Day. Schindler, who now directs the Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University of Charlotte, said she wanted to do something as a sign of her support for Muslims in Charlotte and for Muslim refugees banned from entering the United States because of President Trumps executive order on refugees over the weekend, which was targeted at seven Muslim-majority countries. Modesto Police arrest in Friday night homicide 0:49 Man shot to death in east Modesto 0:16 Snickers: Live with Adam Driver 0:40 MPD discusses officer-involved shooting in Modesto 2:29 Uniting States of Marijuana: the country's evolving laws on cannabis 2:57 The memorable brands that are passing on a Super Bowl 51 commercial 2:36 Signing day at Downey High School 2:25 Signing day at Modesto's Beyer High School 1:01 Fresno State student wears hijab for the first time The Muslim Student Association at Fresno State hosted a Hijab Challenge on Wednesday to offer non-Muslim students a taste of what its like to wear a head scarf during a time of nationwide anti-Islam sentiment. Students said the goal is to educate people As a Jew, I feel it is my obligation to speak out in support of other minorities, she said. My father was a refugee (from Germany), fleeing the Holocaust. Jews were clearly turned away (from the United States) in the 1940s. They heard much of the same rhetoric then that we are hearing now. Schindler, rabbi emerita at Charlottes Temple Beth El, has posted a photo of herself wearing a hijab on her website and on Facebook and has urged others to wear the head scarf on World Hijab Day. Among the responses from her Facebook friends: Two Jewish friends who are traveling Wednesday reflecting on what it would mean to travel (wearing a hijab), Schindler said. That could be more fearful. According to the website Arabs in America (sponsored by the University of North Carolina Center for Global Initiatives), the hijab most commonly worn in the West is a square scarf that covers the head and neck, but leaves the face clear. The hijab is worn for several reasons, including modesty and reflecting ones personal devotion to God, the website says.

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Last week, the brand revealed its Global Varsity Jackets collection which, as the name suggests, includes nearly 50 varsity jackets representing countries around the world (including two Iran and Syria that Trump included in Fridays executive order). เสื้อผ้าวัยกลางคน ขายส่ง On Saturday, dancers swapped their ballet slippers for sneakers and donned the labels Action Capsule collection. There were no tutus during the Opening Ceremony ballet performance. Instead, Dancers wore streetwear that more closely resembled T-shirts youd see at a campus protestthan on a runway: tank tops, in hues whose boldness isonly beatby the shirts text, mobilizingus to DEFY, ACT, SHOUT, FIGHT. Theres no ambiguity: The clothing serves asa call to action. I feel like in the past, the ballet hasnt necessarily directly commented. But this is done in such a way where it reflects whats happening, but in a way that both allows you to escape andmoves you to feel and to react, Lim told Yahoo Style. The Action Capsule shirtswere not the only statement pieces (ahem) to come out of the collaborative project. Google partnered with Opening Ceremony to design Live cases for its Pixel and Nexus phones that complement the clothing brands springcollection. View photos Google created $40 Live Cases for its Pixel and Nexus phones that match the Opening Ceremonys Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection. (Photo: (L) Tom Johnson for Opening Ceremony; (R) Courtesy of Google) More On how Opening Ceremony tries to reach beyond the fashion world, Lim said, in using a phone as a canvas, were not only extending our collection, but also drawing attention to the importance of community to expand the conversation. This isnt the first time Leon and Lim have opted out of a traditional New York Fashion Week runway show.

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